Ohio, Shanties, License Plates & Politics

1) Just got back from a long weekend in Ohio for the Antioch College Reunion. It’s a strange time to visit Antioch, it officially closes it’s doors in a matter of days. Buildings are locked, staff is minimal and it’s not the way I want to remember it. However, there are two things happening that I’m optimistic about; 1) There’s still the possibility of the Alumni & others being able to get the college free & independent. For me we’ve been burnt so many times on this front that I have to admit I’m not putting too much energy into believing this, but I’m really ‘hoping’ (Since on this front I’m not sure what else one can do but to hope that it works out). 2) The ‘NonStop Liberal Arts Institute’ is forming in YS. Basically take all the faculty from Antioch and move it into a classes taking place inside various locations within Yellow Springs. Up until now I’d kind of been on the fence on this idea but after hearing the faculty speak about this, I’m pretty damn excited by things. Sadly I have already spent way way way more than I should have on visiting Ohio so I cant put my money where my dreams are on this front, but damned if I wont do all I can to see this happen. More on this later.

2) I’m a strange person… good though. 🙂 While I revel in this at times, it’s also a bit concerning since the world clearly doesn’t work the way I think it should and I don’t really fit in in ‘normal’ society. Case in point, I spent this morning driving to work through Bar Harbor while looking for unique license plates (see below) with the windows down and the sea shanty ‘Leave Her Jonny, Leave Her‘ blasting as well as my singing along very loudly (‘The rats are gone, but we’re still here… leave her jonny, leave her!’). Maybe I’m just enjoying the moment of maintaining the marketing that Bar Harbor is a quaint fishing village where locals drive around in rusty subaru’s singing sea shanties, or just missing the fact that I didn’t get to do my radio show on WERU this month because I was off in Ohio.

3) License Plates – So we play this game with some other friends starting every year on Memorial Day. One group is in the Portsmouth, NH area, we’re up in ‘Downeast’ Maine and another group is in central CT near one of the big casinos. We all try to see who can see one license plate from every state (not counting 18 wheelers). We’ve been doing pretty well to date and have only Wyoming, Oklahoma & Nebraska to go. Last year we went the entire summer without seeing North Dakota so we’re doing pretty good this year.

4) I took the political compass test on Facebook and got the following results. Clearly I’m drifting to the lower left corner. Shh.. don’t tell anyone, otherwise they might know I’m not normal;

My Political Compass

One fun thing the facebook version does is compares you to all your friends who have also taken the test. In order to protect my fellow liberatrian liberal nutty friends I have removed the names but here’s how I compare with my ‘as geeky’ peers:

That’s all for now.

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