Yet Another Scammer tries to offer me free money

Below is my chat with a fake account on instagram using messenger pretending to be a friend of mine. It’s always the same dance; “Have you heard about the free money?”

I went a different route today, besides just mentioning ridiculous things like dental floss factories and pigeon races, I started looking up the images on google images.

If anyone’s bored please text the cell # they gave something to annoy them ? Or please go report that FB page as a scam.


11:10 PM

<Fake account>:Hello

<Fake account>: How are you doing

You sent: Hi. Pretty good , how are things up in VT?

<Fake account>: I’m doing good. Good to hear from you how is work and family doing?

You sent: All good. What’s new with you?

<Fake account>: Well I’m doing pretty great, feeling blessed and just trying to stay safe. Life is good here can’t complain, I’m just wondering if you heard about the good news yet?

You sent: No what good news?

<Fake account>: Oh I thought you aware of the IDA program they announced on TV few weeks ago?

You sent: Nope, what’s IDA?

<Fake account>:It an International Development Assistance program by the government due to the pandemic to give out financial assistance to everyone to pay bills, start businesses, for college students even for old, retired and disabled.

<Fake account>: A friend of mine who works for the government told me about it, which I applied and got some money delivered to me by the UPS. I think you should also apply too. Have you heard of attorney Jennifer L Keller?

You sent: Wow ! Golly we can finally build that dental floss factory you and I talked about!

You sent: No I haven’t heard of her

<Fake account>:She is a family friend and she was the one who helped me get it, I will give you her direct link so you can also apply okay.

<Fake account>:

<Fake account>: Click on the link now it will take you direct to her Facebook page. Send her a text and tell her I refer you to her. She is always active and she will help you get your winnings deliver to you.

You sent: Ok I’ll drop her a note. This sounds too good to be true, free money? Surely there’s a catch

<Fake account>: Text her now to confirm if I gave you the right link to text and let her know I refer you to apply for the program.

You sent: how can I txt her, I don’t see a cell phone #

You sent: ?

<Fake account>: Click on the link I sent you above… will take you to her direct Facebook page. Text her now and tell her I refer you to her about the IDA PROGRAM.

You sent: but in order to send a text message I need a cell phone number. You know how I still use my old flip phone, I can’t do anything else on it besides send txt messages

<Fake account>:Okay

<Fake account>: Hold let me send you her private text number

You sent: ive looked all over her facebook page and I dont see any phone numbers on there

<Fake account>:(970) 528-0446

<Fake account>:Send her a text now and keep me posted

<Fake account>:

<Fake account>:Can you find anything like this when you click on the link?

<Fake account>: This is her Facebook page

You sent: Wait.. I just looked at her photo and I know her… but the name you said isn’t correct. That’s my friend Jennifer Smith in Chicago. She’s a lawyer but not an attorney general. What is going on?

You sent: Here’s her web page – Look –…/attorney…/jennifer-smith

You sent: That’s the same photo!!!!

You sent: Hey – What’s going on, are you betting on pigeon races again? I thought we solved that on Star years ago!

<Fake account>: replied to you Oh sorry I made a mistake that’s a typographical error while typing her name.

You sent: I’ve contacted her about this she said something about reporting that page. I dont understand it but it sounds like she’s pretty angry

<Fake account>: Jennifer Smith I mean earlier. I knew she is a lawyer. She was the attorney that help me get the package.

You sent: she doesnt even know you! You’re lyring to me. I’m calling your mom right now

<Fake account>: replied to you Do as I have said….send her a text on the link I sent you or through the text number I gave you.

<Fake account>: replied to you I would not have told you about the philanthropy if I didn’t get the money or if there was some trouble with it. I was given full assurance on it by the person that told me about it, She couldn’t have misled me because she is a very honest and trustworthy person, so is the agent. The philanthropy is one hundred percent real and not a scam.

<they sent a photo of a box of cash at this point>

You sent: Dude now you’re just messing with me. You know I used to be part of the Columbus Ohio Drug Enforcement Agency 6 years ago. I TOOK THAT PHOTO DURING A BUST – Look, here it is in a newspaper article –…/more-than-a-ton-of-pot-1-million… WTF dude!

<Fake account>: This is not real from you I don’t believe that anyway. I already share with you about this ongoing program so it is left for you to apply or not

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