Here’s to the quiet ones

You know that ‘old’ Apple ‘Think Different’ ad quote ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’? Well, here’s my ‘toast’ on a topic I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

Here’s to the quiet ones. I’m not talking about introverts though they certainly deserve a toast as well and that’s a post for another time (and others far more eloquent than I have written entire books on this subject), but what I mean here is, here’s to those who are mostly silent on social media for reasons they don’t want to talk about in a public forum.
Maybe a better title might be ‘Here’s to those who are struggling‘ but in particular I want to shout out to those that are leaving things unsaid, for whatever reason.
For example, on Facebook, while your feed may be filled with happy times & smiles like;
  • Photos of friend’s vacations, pets, and great weekend outings
  • News about their victories & promotions
  • News about their children reaching various milestones, getting honor roll, varsity letters, college acceptances etc.

For a moment, think about those out there that don’t have such happy moments to share right now, who are struggling with challenges they are too overwhelmed by embarrassed to share. For those people, seeing the above examples can be depressing.

So just remember that for every happy post someone makes there are many others who are having much the opposite situation.
Talking about failures of any level is hard, and if it’s a failure or a challenge that is embarrassing or has baggage attached to the labels people will assume when they read it, then it’s even more of a challenge.
Remember there are others in your immediate friend’s circles here that are also having not-so-great days, weeks, months and years. Social media isn’t the place to share those struggles for many.
and IF… you’re someone who can relate to the above, know that you’re not alone though I’m certain it feels like that sometimes, maybe even most of the time. The fact that no one else in your ‘feed’ is talking about this isn’t because you’re the only one, it’s just that they don’t want to post about it on social media either.
Maybe you feel like the worst student, spouse, parent, teacher, son/daughter, grandparent, employee ever. You’re not, and while you may feel like you’ve hit rock-bottom, there may even be people in your feed who are hoping to someday get back up to where you are now, or have been even lower.
This too shall pass. Hang in there.

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