Livejournal & Moveable Type

Ok so all my friends who ‘blog’ pretty much use livejournal, but I hate relying on external servers to do my work, so I’m stuck. Do I stay on my high horse and do all my stuff on my personal site, requiring my livejournal friends to link to my URL when they reference me, or do I drop this and move over there.

Or… Do I work on finding a way to synchronize the two. Apparently, I’m not the first person to think of this, I found “MovableType to LiveJournal Crossposting Plugin” which claims to do everything I’d want. Last night I downloaded and installed it along with the various pieces it required to run.

It was a little vague on where to put the < $MTLJCrosspost user="username" pass="hashedpassword" $> part. It says it should go in your archive template, but which ? And where exactly? So i’m experimenting with that right now.

I think it’s all in place now, this is a test run.

Hello world?
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Testing out Moveable Type

Ok so all my geekiest friends seem to be using this as their blog engine, so I figured they must know something I don’t. Testing out the waters here.

Thanks to Mike for having this already set up on our server so I could see what he did to tweak it to get it to work.

My goals for this.. to see if it’s better thant the b2 blog software I have running already. If all goes well I want to move over to this in the next few weeks.