Faux SEO so so

Been having problems claiming this so in a desperate effort to make it work, here’s the technorati code AGAIN m35f2jpxk2

Nicholas Peterson, a friend from Antioch College, recently told me about a handy tool, website.grader.com, for doing some basic SEO analysis of websites. So I’ve been making minor tweaks of various sites to up their ranking lately and trying to get a grasp on the different sites they mention.

Finally decided to actually create an account on Technorati and in order to ‘claim my blog’ I need to post a link to my Technorati Profile. So there it is. Golly.

Using WordPress – Slides from my presentation

Here are the slides from a free workshop I gave this week at the Ellsworth Libary on ‘Using WordPress to Manage Your Website’ that was attended by about 25 people.
These are also posted up in ppt & pdf format at http://downeastlearning.org/.
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