How to be the worst Community Manager ever!

How to be the worst Community Manager Ever – A guide for Antioch College Community Government managers, or for those about to run. This was last revised when it published in the Record in either Fall ’97 or Winter ’98. I’m quite proud of this document.

Just about every point in here I saw done by some CM’s (sometimes even me) or ComCil members between Fall ’91 – Fall ’97. It’s funny, and just a little bit too true 🙂 The truth hurts. Since I’m out of touch with Antioch’s community now there isn’t much else I can write about this issue, but if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I’d love to hear from other current or former Community Managers about this.
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The Internet is an ocean

Information = Water.. think about it.

OK so it’s NOT an information Superhighway, lets just start accepting that. A friend, Nick Szuberla (sp?), gave me an article years ago pointing out that in reality it’s more like the Information Railroad, in that its funded by Big corporations, and individuals can ‘ride’ with them if they allow them, etc. etc. which I suppose might be true to some degree.

But I am looking for an analogy that touches on what the net SHOULD be. The best one I have come up with so far is; The Information Ocean
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