Wasting A Phishing Scammers Time

Perhaps is wiser to just ignore blatant phishing scams, but I like to string them along sometimes. Last night was one of those times.

I received a chat from someone I don’t know very well on Facebook last night. I decided to play along as soon as I realized it wasn’t really them, here’s the whole chat including my txt messages. I’m posting this here in hopes that maybe someone else who they try to scam might google some of this information and find this chat.

I wonder if “ROBERT POPE Address : 48386 E 2ND ST, OAKRIDGE OREGON 97463” really was who I was txt-ing with at 13602956391 or if he was someone not involved who was getting paid for something else by the scammers?

If you are Robert Pope and are wondering why your name is showing up here, read below ๐Ÿ™‚

This all took place while I was waiting for my son to finish gymnastics and while I was picking him up and getting dinner for him. We had a big discussion about phishing scams, nigerian princes etc. Even he said “And people fall for this?”

Oh and if you want to play along, send a txt message to 13602956391 and tell them you want your free money ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Thursday 7:51pm
  • Friends-Hacked-Account



  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    how are you doing?

  • Matthew Baya

    ok, how are you?

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    am fine

    and you

  • Matthew Baya

    heh.. I think I answered that already Whats up?

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    nothing that much

    how is work and family

  • Matthew Baya

    nothing much new there. Keeping busy.

  • Friends-Hacked-Account


  • Friends-Hacked-Account


    am not sure if you heard good news about united nation yet?

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    United nation just came up with a new program for the deaf ,hard of hearing ,disable,blind and hearing people through out the whole universe
  • Matthew Baya

    a program?

    Like software? Or a plan?

    btw – Sorry to hear about Beau. I hope McAfee is keeping you busy

    You still there?

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    United nation are helping every deaf,hard of hearing,disable,blind and hearing through out his campaign,they are giving everyone of us that work or not working a grant from $150,000 upward and i have just gotten mine and im not sure if you got yours ????

  • Matthew Baya

    nope I haven’t. Wow that’s a lot, where do I find out more?

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    All you will need is to contact him on this link https://www.facebook.com/officerjamesmorgan or text him at 360-295-6391 that you are ready to claim yours also and let me know what he tell you

  • Matthew Baya

    awesome. texting now, what should I say?

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    tell him you want to claim your money

  • Matthew Baya

    ok just texted

    texting with Officer James Morgan now, thanks for the tip Daniel, I owe you one.

Conversation with +13602956391
Date Number Status Text
2013-05-23@19:10:05 +13602956391 SNT A friend on Facebook told me to text you regarding a UN grant for the
deaf. Can you tell me more about how I can claim my money?
2013-05-23@19:11:07 +13602956391 RCV
(1/3) Hello, My name is James Morgan We have been waiting here online to talk to you I work for Federal Agency,We remember your Screen name
2013-05-23@19:11:07 +13602956391 RCV (2/3) on our list here and your money is available for you to claim,Let us know if you ready to claim the money and we Explain to you how
2013-05-23@19:11:07 +13602956391 RCV (3/3) you go about it

2013-05-23@19:11:25 +13602956391 SNT I’m ready!

2013-05-23@19:12:29 +13602956391 RCV
(1/6) Back in 2011, the government made available a wide variety of programs.In 2013, the government has also allocated billions of dollars

2013-05-23@19:12:27 +13602956391 RCV
(2/6) in government grants and various funding programs.This is a Financial Help company for facebook selected Facebook USERS Generating

2013-05-23@19:12:27 +13602956391 RCV
(3/6) money from the Government Grant this is part of the Facebook Company .There is absolutely no limit as to the number of grants you can

2013-05-23@19:12:27 +13602956391 RCV
(4/6) apply for. The truth is, many people aren’t even aware that government grants exist! The government does not knock on your door to

(Editors Note – apparently I never recieved message 5/6)

2013-05-23@19:13:06 +13602956391 RCV (6/6) bankruptcy? You never have to pay back government grants

2013-05-23@19:13:51 +13602956391 SNT Sounds great. How do I get the money?

2013-05-23@19:14:33 +13602956391 RCV (1/4) To Claim your money you need to fill this form now Full
name……..Full Home Address……Your Age…..
2013-05-23@19:14:33 +13602956391 RCV (2/4) sex………………Married/Single…..Phone Number….Text
Number…….E-mail…….deaf or hearing..What do you do for
2013-05-23@19:14:33 +13602956391 RCV (4/4) Card……Monthly Income…….
2013-05-23@19:14:35 +13602956391 RCV (3/4) living………What is your Credit report………Do you Own a house or
Rent Appt….Do you have a Credit Card or Debit
2013-05-23@19:21:50 +13602956391 RCV are you there

2013-05-23@19:21:55 +13602956391 SNT Justin Case, 216 High street , Ellsworth , ME 04605
2013-05-23@19:23:00 +13602956391 SNT Age 44, male, married
2013-05-23@19:23:24 +13602956391 SNT 2078675309 (phone and text )
2013-05-23@19:25:39 +13602956391 SNT Email: spam@baya.net
2013-05-23@19:26:24 +13602956391 SNT Hearing, investment banker
2013-05-23@19:26:41 +13602956391 SNT Credit rating: 750
2013-05-23@19:27:00 +13602956391 SNT Own my house
2013-05-23@19:27:38 +13602956391 SNT Both
2013-05-23@19:28:23 +13602956391 SNT I think that’s all your questions

2013-05-23@19:28:59 +13602956391 RCV Monthly Income…….

2013-05-23@19:29:32 +13602956391 SNT $8000

2013-05-23@19:31:06 +13602956391 RCV (1/2) Finally,You have to pay for Case file fee and the shipping fund,so
we can bring the money to your door step in 4hours.You pay $1500
2013-05-23@19:31:06 +13602956391 RCV (2/2) and get $150,000.00.

2013-05-23@19:32:08 +13602956391 SNT That seems fair where do I send the money?

2013-05-23@19:32:32 +13602956391 RCV i will give you the address you will send the money

2013-05-23@19:32:40 +13602956391 RCV are you ready to pay

2013-05-23@19:33:36 +13602956391 SNT Yes how do I pay?

2013-05-23@19:34:59 +13602956391 RCV Do you know western union store

2013-05-23@19:35:18 +13602956391 SNT Yes

2013-05-23@19:35:29 +13602956391 RCV

here is the address you will pay to through western union Name :

2013-05-23@19:38:24 +13602956391 RCV are you there

2013-05-23@19:39:40 +13602956391 SNT On my way. I have to drive there

2013-05-23@19:43:45 +13602956391 RCV how many minute is it to your house
2013-05-23@19:43:45 +13602956391 RCV okay

2013-05-23@19:45:09 +13602956391 SNT 20

2013-05-23@19:47:30 +13602956391 RCV (2/2) anything that you want to claim money because of theft okay .
2013-05-23@19:47:32 +13602956391 RCV (1/2) okay when you get there just pick the western union form and fill
the info i gave to you and give it to them and don’t tell them
2013-05-23@20:10:06 +13602956391 RCV did you get me

2013-05-23@20:11:31 +13602956391 SNT Sorry I got a flat tire on the way I’m still driving there

2013-05-23@20:12:07 +13602956391 RCV okay
2013-05-23@20:12:24 +13602956391 RCV how many minute more

2013-05-23@20:12:38 +13602956391 SNT 10

2013-05-23@20:12:57 +13602956391 RCV ok
2013-05-23@20:13:09 +13602956391 RCV did you get all what i told you to do

2013-05-23@20:16:28 +13602956391 SNT What?

2013-05-23@20:17:17 +13602956391 RCV (2/2) anything that you want to claim money because of theft okay .
2013-05-23@20:17:19 +13602956391 RCV (1/2) okay when you get there just pick the western union form and fill
the info i gave to you and give it to them and don’t tell them

2013-05-23@20:29:01 +13602956391 SNT . I need a phone number for this form

2013-05-23@20:30:34 +13602956391 RCV No need
2013-05-23@20:30:51 +13602956391 RCV Just leave the phone number

2013-05-23@20:32:41 +13602956391 SNT What western union office will you pick this up at ?

2013-05-23@20:34:15 +13602956391 RCV I can pick it up at any western union office
2013-05-23@20:34:40 +13602956391 RCV Just leave that and get the money send and I will get back to you
soon okay

2013-05-23@20:35:45 +13602956391 SNT My wife is telling me to be worried about fishing scams. What is she talking about?

2013-05-23@22:56:20 +13602956391 RCV (2/2) deliver your money okay
2013-05-23@22:56:23 +13602956391 RCV Do you get the money sent yet ?
2013-05-23@22:56:26 +13602956391 RCV
(1/2) You have nothing to worried about just make sure you stay at
home once you get the money sent so we can come to your house

  • Friends-Hacked-Account


    have you talk to him

  • Matthew Baya

    I did and he sent me info on where to send money to but my wife started worrying about fishing scams, so I’m confused

    what is a fishing scam?

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    Ohh no nothing you just have to send him the money and stay home and he will come to your house in the next 5hours

    are you there

  • Matthew Baya

    but he’s in Oregon, how could he come to my house in 5 hours? That doesn’t make sense

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    I got my own money 5hours after I pay him

    So i’m very sure you going to get yours the same time also but ask him when is going to deliver your money I mean how many hours

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    did you get me

  • Matthew Baya

    Well it’s too late for me to go out again and my wife keeps saying stuff about fishing, so I’m just confused on what’s going on here.

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    You have nothing to worry about okay

    Once they got your payment they will be on their way to your house and deliver your money ok

  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    did you understand

    2013-05-24@06:31:55 +13602956391 RCV are you there
    2013-05-24@06:31:58 +13602956391 RCV have made the payment?
  • Today 10:30am
  • Friends-Hacked-Account

    Hello Matthew

    how is you?

More lies, damn lies and bad science from the Heartland Institute

Got another “scientific report” (read that with ‘finger quotes’) from the folks at the conservative thinktank The Heartland Institute. If you actually read my blog much (don’t worry, I have no illusions that anyone really does) you might remember an entry I made last December titled Lies, Damn Lies & the Heartland Institute (still love that title) when I got another report from them. I did some research then on who they were then since a quick glance at the letter and report they sent me then made me quite suspect as to the ‘real science’ it claimed to contain.

Just to recap, the the Heartland Institute is

รขโ‚ฌล“A nonprofit organization devoted to discovering, developing, and promoting free-market solutions to social and economic problems”.

Yeah those free-market solutions always do the best thing for society and making the world a better place. Capitalism is infallable.
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