Welcome Chryssfs

One of my best friends from Antioch, Christian, is now mirroring her journal to LJ the same way I am, so welcome her aboard. She is (or for those of you reading this off LJ it’s http://www.livejournal.com/users/chryssfs/)

I’ve been bugging her to blog for a long time now and I’m hoping once she has more readers she’ll be guilted into it.

Not to mention she has a warped mind and sense of humor, often makes very funny and glib comments at the perfect moments, worships Harlan Ellison, knows all sorts of crazy trivia, can read about 10 times faster than I can (with better comprehension) and is just a really neat person. OH and through some weird twists of fate she and her husband live up here in Ellsworth, ME now too.

So for any of you silly people who actually read my journal, here’s another person to add 🙂 Welcome aboard