More more moreI started this blog post in late December, and then just left it in draft form until now. Instead of tossing it now that it’s 2 months older, I figured I’d post it now and just take off the ‘New Years’ part of it.

By the way, I’m told my first word was ‘more’ and thus all my resolutions involve ‘More’, though they aren’t the ones you might expect (as in ‘Make more $’, ‘Get More Stuff’, etc)

So without further delay, here are my somewhat late resolutions;

  • Get More Organized
    • Inbox Zero – The idea here is basically, your e-mail inbox shouldn’t be your to do list, it should be (what a concept) your Inbox. You take things out of your inbox and you either archives them, respond & then archive them, throw them out or if you cant reply right away put them in ‘followup’ or ‘hold’. I’m doing really well on getting my inbox to zero, and I’ve been doing this for about 10 months now. The catch is, my followup folder overfloweth. So my goal here is to achive not only inbox zero, but also ‘Zero Followup’ and actually reading my ‘readme’ folder (or if I dont have time, then accepting that fact and tossing it)
    • Project Management / To Do List – Create this from incoming mail tasks and other needs I’m made aware of. I’ve been using for this with some success.
    • Calendar – It’s great to have a to-do list but unless the tasks are scheduled, it’s just a wish list. This last part I’m realizing I need to do, but haven’t actually done yet. It’s a big switch to start scheduling my free time in evenings etc but I guess it’s necessary.
  • “Do More”
    • “It’s not the fights you’ve dreamed of, it’s those you’ve really fought” – Si Kahn. Time to start taking things off my ‘someday’ list and either do them, or drop them to make room for other things I want to / need to do. This also goes for organizations I volunteer for, is my time & effort really benefiting them enough that it’s worth it (for them & me)? If not, walk away. Part of this is I’m realizing in order to do more I need to be more organized and prioritize better (See Resolution #1)
  • Blog More –
    • Just write what comes up and not worry if it’s inane, incomplete or not for any particular audience. If I like it and I feel its worth sharing/archiving, that’s all that matters. No one is being forced to read my blog. I am not a professional blogger, I have no reputation to cultivate or ads to worry about. This is my personal blog, it doesn’t need to be perfect. “Perfection is enemy of good enough” is a quote I heard a while ago. My goal here on this blog is to be ‘Good Enough’
  • Sleep More
    • Ever since my college died back in 2008 (See previous post) and I started volunteering to help with websites and IT efforts related to helping the alumni save it I started staying up WAY later than I should. It’s a bad habit, and I’m not terribly productive in that last hour or so anyways, so I know I should stop. A while ago I saw mention that Arianna Huffington had given some speeches about lack of sleep and everything she mentions in there makes sense. I’m hoping the more organized and prioritized me will mean I’m not feeling overwhelmed to just reply to one more e-mail before I go to bed.. and then another .. and another.

I have other ideas and plans but these are all the ones that are gelled enough to mention here. So.. 60 days later than planned, but still there.

I hereby resolve to (try) to do these things. So mote it be.


What happened to (and Jordan Networks) ?

Several friends up here in Maine have been left without an ISP when apparently shut down a few days ago. They disconnected their servers and phones and disappeared. Years ago they were run by 2 local very cool people ‘Merlin’ (Don) and ‘Morgana’ (Jean) but I heard they sold the ISP part of things and were just doing web hosting now ( and a great local host for non-profits, These sites are still running and I’d highly recommend them.

The dialup service… even if it comes back, seems to be a mess now.

After hearing the ISP was down I suggested one person call to see what they knew but they were apparently in the dark too.

I’ve spent a while tonight practicing my google fu and here’s what I’ve found. Warning, this is long and boring and I really only did for customers who might want someone to call to find out what they hell is going on (and when they are getting their money back)

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