Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • Matthew is riding the 'movie bus' from Portland. #
  • Better Know a District – Maine's 1st – Chellie Pingree | The Colbert Report 05108 | #
  • RT @vitriolix twitter is… in reply to vitriolix #
  • quote from my 6 yr old when he was sad he wasnt going to see me for 3 days "3 DAYS! That's 24 plus 24 plus 24… plus the nighttime hours!" #
  • Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village | The Onion – America' #
  • Matthew Finally took one of these personality tests – I'm INTP "The Theorist", which is interesting since I'm… #
  • is resisting his antisocial instincts & heading out to a Fibonacci Day event. Get it? 8/13 21:34:55 Yay for geeky events in Maine! Whoo Hoo #
  • "It's freedom of speech, not freedom of listen!" – Colbert Report #
  • Listening to Dar Williams cover of 'Ripple' and having sentimental Powell House quaker youth conference flashbacks. #
  • Matthew will be on from 6 – 10 AM doing the Sat. AM Coffee house and kicking off the pledge drive. #

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