The good(?) ship Jennifer Anne

  • Jennifer Anne – A Star Island Non-Fiction Story – Perhaps not as funny as I remember it, but an interesting read. I get the most comments from strangers on this story, or other Star Island folks who can relate. I’ve moved this from several generations of my website to this journal, the story lives on, even if it’s not that great. Gotta share.

    Jennifer Anne
    An Open Up Non-fiction Write up – From May 1990

    Picture if you will….

    WHERE: STAR ISLAND, 10 Miles off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    WHEN: OPEN UP, May 11th,1990.

    The Setting: Only THREE people on entire island, Me (Matt Baya), Dan Frost and Karen Mairs. Dave Pierson, the island caretaker and engineer is off island until the next afternoon with his wife Edith. Its about five PM on a nice day. Temperatures in the 50’s.

    I am over by the front right corner of the front porch by the softball field opening the door to the Bolen’s tool shed getting shovels to dig a hole behind the Dish Room for a drain pipe. Dan and Karen are in the dish room working on putting up plywood panels and plumbing the inside part of the dish machine drain.

    As I casually glance out towards the harbor and notice a very large unfamiliar red boat tied up to the pier… not tying up to the pier, but TIED up, secured, no people in sight. Realizing this is not good and not the way things are supposed to be, I quickly return to the dish room.

    “Hey, theres a BIG boat TIED UP to the end of the pier!”

    “What?! ”

    ” A large boat is tied up to the end of the pier!”

    Dan and Karen drop what there doing and the three of us march hesitantly down to the boat. As we walk down the pier they discuss the rules, how they apply, what were going to say, how were going to say it and who is going to say what. The official policy is that no boats should be tied up there, but we decide, timidly that the rules can be bent if they are in trouble. Dan half volunteers to be the spokes person for this mission.

    As we get within sight of the cabin of the boat the occupants glance up nervously at us, smile, wave and jump out to speak to us.

    “HEY DUDE! We Thought there was no one here!!! WHAT’S UP! Hey…”

    There are four people on this large red deep sea lobster fishing boat named the JENNIFER ANNE. The youngest of them, who we later find out is named Chesley, is yelling up at us. We act friendly and Dan starts in with the conversation.

    “Hey, pretty good… whats up?” Dan yells down and smiles. Karen and I smile nervously and try to figure out what is going on and whether we should be helping Dan with his monologue.

    They explain they have just returned from a 9 day deep sea lobster and crab expedition. The problem is that with the weather the way it has been that the river in Portsmouth is filled with too much fresh water and all their catch would die. They have to hang out off shore until the tide goes in. After a few casual questions we get to the meat of the problem, the tide won’t be right until 2 AM.

    We explain that they really shouldn’t be tied up here, but with the situation they are in it would be ok. They then invited us down to the boat to look around so we climbed down, curious to see what they caught. In the boat there were two 6′ by 6′ hatches. One was filled completely with lobster and the other with crabs. They explained that the holds went down about 10 to 15 feet and the tanks were much bigger than the hatches. They offered us dinner on their boat but we declined and started trying to hint that we really had to go back to work. They explained they had five cases of beer that they just had a friend drop off and HAD to give it away or finish it tonight. We finally explained that we had `tons of work to do’ and couldn’t hang out. Their response;

    “Well hey man, you want some Lobster? Crab?”

    Dan loves Lobster, his eyes lit up, and even though we had almost just made a clean escape from them it was decided we couldn’t pass this up. “Sure, we would love some!”. They promptly filled a large fish box with about eight lobsters and about as many crabs by scooping them out of the holds with a large pitch fork and offered us more beer to go with the dinner. We accepted their gift, refused the beer and wished them luck. As we left we reluctantly told them that yes they could walk around the island, just to stay away from the buildings. We returned to work (it was now almost 6 by now) and started to work on getting the steam pipes working. Before now the steam had been low on the priority repairs list but now, with a tangible needs for steam crawling in a fish bucket it was top of the repairs list. Karen and I were looking for lobster crackers in the kitchen when we heard the front porch bell ring. The bell… the front porch….they are on the front porch….. arrrghhhh!!! As we rolled our eyes and started heading for the front porch we yelled to Dan to have him come with us. Of course, precisely at this time the phone rang and Dan answered it. As we walked to the front porch to fend off the drunk lobstermen.

    The four of them were on the porch, all smiling. “GIVE US A TOUR DUDE! This place is great!”. Karen and I nervously glanced at each other thinking “Oh god, here we go.. how can we get them to go back to there boat.. we don’t want to deal with these people..argh!” Karen started giving an abbreviated verbal tour “Well thats where the old hotel was and …” as I explained to them that they had to hold onto there empty beer cans cause we didn’t have garbage cans around since we weren’t really open yet. They then asked for a tour of the lobby and inside.

    We didn’t really feel comfortable just saying “NO! GO AWAY!” and leaving, so we reluctantly let them in to the lobby. Karen tried convincing them not to play with the stereo as I ran back into the kitchen to get Dan


    He responded, “I’m on the phone with Nate, Jenny Cannon, Robbie Thayer….etc” I thought to myself, `Great. Everyone picks this time to call. OK, forget Dan.’ I quickly ran back to lobby where I had left Karen alone with our `friends’. I entered the lobby, noticed that even against Karen’s wishes they had made there was to our collection of tapes. I told Karen that Dan was on the phone and then made a big mistake. I stupidly informed Karen just exactly who was on the phone and she turned and ran in to talk to them leaving me alone with the drunken lobstermen.

    “Hey Dude, she was being strict and stuff, like she wouldn’t let us crank up the stereo.. like look at those speakers! This place must ROCK! C’mon lets crank it.” I noticed that one of the other lobsterman had gone back out on the front porch and the third was staring around the lobby passively so I was able to focus my attention on just one.

    “Er..umm.. she wouldn’t let you.. uh er ” I paused for a moment, confused why Karen had created this rule, was it just to stall them or was there another reason. Since I couldn’t figure it out I of course I broke it.

    “Sure, go ahead, be careful though, that speaker doesn’t work and…”

    At least it would keep him busy right? The youngest, Chesley, who looked 17 but claimed to be 23 started asking me what music we had as he knocked over a stack of tapes. I looked out on the porch to notice the other three had just finished pissing off the front porch. Finally, after Lou Reed was blaring across the lobby at volume level 7 Dan returned, obviously in his “Hey, I’ll act happy and hostish” act. [

    “HEY DUDES! How’s it going? whats up? Yah..thanks for the

    lobster dude, how you doing?” he asked as he ushered all of them onto the front porch, an idea I wish I had come across earlier. We stood around on the porch for a few minutes discussing the workers on the island and our stereo.

    “Man, those speakers were pretty nice but you should see the setup I have. I could get you guys an awesome stereo! You want one, like you could rock the place with this thing! I’ll get you one ok? I’ll drop it off in a couple of weeks. Do you need a TV? VCR? Hey, do you guys want to buy some lobsters ? For your friends? We come by here all the time”

    We then proceeded with small talk and they kept asking for a tour of the inside of the hotel. Dan sighed, glanced out toward the horizon and then said, “Sure dudes, why not?”. He led the tour off towards the kitchen, narrating briefly as he went “This is the main lobby, as you can see we are still cleaning it up, this is the dining room and up ahead is….”. They entered the kitchen and were very impressed by our large steam kettles “HEY you could fit a hundred lobsters in those ! WOW! ” Dan explained that we had just fixed the steam and pointed out the Acetylene Torch that was sitting next to the recently re-sweated steam pipe. This arose the attention of Carl, who had been pretty quiet up until now,

    “HEY! I’m a plumber, let me fix that. Wheres a light for this torch? Where is the leak?” He sat down, sparked up the torch, and proceeded to try to fix the kitchen much to our dismay. I looked back at the other lobstermen and noticed Chesley was missing. After a quick glance around at possible exits I found he had floated away and had found the dining hall/snack bar piano and was clumsily plucking out Greensleeves. I went and convinced him to continue with the tour, which by now had plowed through the kitchen, dragging Carl the plumber along with them and was heading towards the power house. I dragged Chesley down there, giving him the turbo tour so as to catch up with Dan who had some reason just finished showing them where we got all our power from, an idea which I thought was not very safe but it was too late now. He was explaining how the full season worked when the last, and up this point quietest lobsterman and the Captain of the Jennifer Anne, Captain John, noticed Chesley was back with the group, “Hey Chesley, go get 12 lobsters and a whole lotta crab, and the beer and bring it up to that kitchen!” Since I had missed the last 2 or 3 minutes of the tour I assumed that for some reason Dan had invited them for dinner. This seemed strange, in fact it seemed idiotic, but I didn’t want to ask him in front of all them, after all, he was trying to keep good terms with them and maybe a discussion had gone on that I had missed. Maybe they weren’t as drunk as they seemed. Whatever the logic that had brought this about, it was too late, they were having dinner with us. I was not looking forward to this and thought longingly about that ditch I was going to dig about two hours ago.

    We headed through OBR and back into the kitchen. Carl took a liking to Karen and went into the bakery to help her wash dishes. Dan and I started to say things trying to persuade him to leave but Karen didn’t care and waved us off. Captain John and Mike walked out with us to the front porch. Mike was the only sober one or at least seemed that way (though he did have four or five beer cans in his jacket pockets). We headed back to the porch. Dan asked Captain John, how much he thought his catch was worth and his boat. He told us he didn’t own the boat and that the catch was probably worth a million dollars. Dan joked to him about us getting them drunk and then stealing their catch. Captain John laughed, took a sip of beer, and lifted up his shirt to show us a large black pistol stuck in his pants (aimed at his crotch). “This ain’t no Pea Shooter”. Dan and I both took a deep breath and kept playing along. “Thats not cool man” was all Dan could say as he forced the smile to stay on his face. “It never leaves my body” said Captain John as he patted it, covered it up again and took another sip of beer. He then went on to explain that their boat got boarded by the coast guard about once a trip and that they kept piles of Red Pepper around the boat for when the drug sniffing dogs came on. “HAH HAH! Ya’ remember last time when they had to carry the dog off whining.. hahahahah.. that was great!”. Its was nice to know that these people had guns and were kind hearted and sympathetic towards innocent people and animals.

    At this point Mike and John trudged off towards the boat to see what in the world was taking Chesley so long to return with the enormous amount of stuff they had ordered him to fetch earlier.

    Dan and I went back to the kitchen to get things working. Dan pulled me aside out of view of Carl and asked how I felt about the gun. “Er…well he said it never leaves his body… I can picture people being like that. He didn’t take it out or point it around, that would freak me out. Er… I guess its ok. I mean, if they wanted to take over or kill us they could of done it by now. Right” This thought didn’t seem to calm Dan any but it seemed to answer his question “Uh.. ok.. good point” said Dan. “Should we tell Karen?” “How? Carl is always around her, theres no way we can get her alone.. I think its better if she is ignorant for now, I mean how do we subtly say “Nice Gun your captain has Carl” or “Hey Carl, did you realize your captain has a gun in his crotch, hahahahah…. funny isn’t it??”

    At this point the three missing lobstermen returned with a bag of lobster and crab and yet more beer, an entire case of Budweiser. We had just gotten the steam kettle up and running and were getting our lobsters out ready to boil when Captain John took control of the situation.

    “Hey is that boiling?” He asked as he pushed the other lobsterman out of the way and approached the counter.

    “Yes… but…”


    All the crabs and lobsters fell in at once except a few crabs which hit the floor and broke off various limbs.

    “Oh those are still good” said John as he picked up the wounded crabs and broken claws and tossed them in the steaming kettle.

    There was then a long discussion about how long it took to boil lobster in a kettle of this size. Dan went off to give Mike a tour of the second floor rooms. Chesley returned to his piano and Captain John and Carl stood in the kitchen telling lobster cooking stories. I walked out, made sure Chesley wasn’t doing anything beyond piano playing in the dining area, and returned to the kitchen to find Carl and John looking nervously all around the kitchen.

    “THEY’RE DONE MAN! HOW DO YOU TURN THIS OFF!” said John as he started fiddling with random valves around the kettle.

    “No wait! STOP! I’ll get Dan” I yelled to them and started up the Caswell stairs. Carl went back to the Bakery to help Karen again and Captain John followed me up the stairs.

    “DAN!” I yelled at the top of my lungs up the Caswell stairs.

    No reply.


    No Reply.

    At this point my imagination began to start going off on tangents. Mike has knocked Dan unconscious and is stuffing his body under a bed in the second floor right now. Captain John is right behind me and he has a gun. Karen in washing dishes in the bakery with Carl and Chesley is somewhere….. oh no…


    No Reply.

    “Where did they Go?” asked Captain John as he followed me up the stairs and started to climb up to the second floor of Caswell where we all lived. I realized that I didn’t want these people to know where we slept and grabbed on to Captain John’s arm. “Uh.. no this way” I said as I started down the second floor hotel (where of course, Mike must be waiting to jump me to stuff my body in the same room as Dan…. right?)

    “Big Place eh? this is like The Shining!”

    I decided to keep the conversation going: “Yeah, all you have to do is smash the marine radio and cut the power…”

    Oops, perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to continue this conversation.

    “Heh! yeah… wow” said Captain John as he glanced in various hotel rooms.

    Great. Dan showed them the Generators … oh no.. this is not good. My imagination was beginning to seem a little too close to reality.

    “Where are they?” asked John, re-enforcing my own thoughts.

    “DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried out down the second floor.

    No Reply.

    “Maybe they are on the fourth floor”

    “What floor? Fourth! WOW! Big Stairwell”.

    We climbed up yelling for Dan. No Reply. “Ok, they must have gone back to the kitchen” I said, trying to get back around someone else I knew, even if Dan was dead in some room at least I could be with Karen for the final minutes. From the second floor I could hear Greensleeves being plucked out on the floor below.

    I returned to the kitchen where of course Dan was casually standing around with Carl talking about the lobster conditions. “Yeah, there done…” said Dan who looked at me with a suspicious eye that I read as him saying “Where have you been with him?”

    Chesley entered, as if on cue, and everyone watched the lobster being scooped out of the kettle onto two large waitrae trays. We filled both trays, one mounded a foot high with lobster, the other with crab. We proceeded to the bakery and sat down around the table.

    Karen had made biscuits with Carl. The table was set. The Lobstermen had beer, we had Dwayne’s Mountain dew’s. The meal began. We all served ourselves. Chesley just watched. Dan noticed this and said “Don’t you like lobster?” This of course, insulted Chesley’s pride and he took off “I LOVE lobster here let me show you” he said as he grabbed a lobster, snapped off the tail and put the tail on the Karen’s plate much to her surprise. He repeated this 4 times before Dan stopped him. “HEY MAN save the fun for some other people!” Chesley verified that Karen was content with 5 lobster tails on her plate and then began serving himself.

    The catch here for me is that I really don’t like most seafood. I knew I didn’t like lobster, at least the last time I had tried it I didn’t and I didn’t think I liked crab but in efforts to please our `guests’ I tried the crab. I was sitting next to Captain John and he noticed I didn’t really know how to eat crabs and he decided to teach me. “Nahh! heres how you do it…(smash crack… crunch) “here now put it in butter” (Splash)..”there eat that!” I reluctantly nibbled on it. “Good eh? NOW try this, ” he grabbed a claw, looked around for a crusher which wasn’t visible and stuffed the claw in his mouth CRUNCH! The claw crushed in his mouth, he pulled it out, spit out the shells, splashed it butter and aimed for my face. This pattern continued with the rest of the crab and part of a lobster, none of which I really enjoyed but how does one tell a drunken Lobster boat Captain with a gun that you don’t like his catch. Again, as if one cue, the phone rang in the other room and Dan leapt up to answer it and exited the room.

    The meal is now a blur in my memory but I remember that Mike asked Captain John to pass a lobster. Chesley responded, grabbed a lobster and whipped it at Mike a few seconds after John had passed him one. Mike, who obviously didn’t enjoy lobster being thrown at him, whipped the lobster back at Chesley. Carl and Captain John both took offense, Carl threw a biscuit at Chesley and Captain John got pissed and barked at Chesley. Chesley cowered and started making grade schoolish excuses like “He Started it” and “What did I do ?”. Karen and I smiled, ate our dinner and tried to ignore the arguments, food fights, and the lobster pieces scattered all over the bakery and the table.

    Meanwhile, Dan is still on the phone. This wonderful meal continued until 9 pm when Captain John announced it was time to leave. The crew left reasonably quickly after that with parting comments and thank yous. They headed out towards the lobby and Karen and I began to clean up. Dan returned, again as if on cue and innocently said “Hey How did it go?”

    “Well Dan, thats a long story.. it…interesting to say the least”. We all began to clean up the bakery, collecting the assorted lobster and crab parts that had made there way under the ovens and on the counters.

    “What happened in here? and when did they leave? Sorry about leaving like that, it was an important phone call.”

    We described the meal and then decided to make sure they had closed the front door behind them., and bar it just in case they wanted to come back. Dan stayed in the bakery to finish cleaning up while Karen and I headed to the lobby. As we entered the lobby we noticed a case of beer and a sweatshirt sitting on the floor of the lobby by the front desk. We figured they had forgotten it and escorted it out to the front porch. As we re-entered the lobby we heard the thunderous roar of feet running down the hotel stairwell. Hysterical laughter accompanied this noise as Captain John and Chesley charged through the stairwell door and barrelled into the lobby.

    “WOW! What a great stairwell! ”

    “Yeah, that’s a blast man!, have you ever tried that? Hey, where did our beer go? ”

    We explained where there beer was and escorted them outside.

    “Yeah, we gotta go guys, see ya sometime thanks..yeah.. bye.” We tried to get rid of them but Chesley and John kept finding new topics to discuss. Then Captain John offered us the rest of the case of beer and Karen gladly accepted it, partly to get rid of them, and partly because free beer was free beer, no matter who it came from. I bid farewell to our new `friends’ (cough) and watched them head down the steps, playfully hitting each other in the head and chest. We closed the door, barred it shut, and headed back to the kitchen.

    I guess Dan was cleaning pots or something because he was still in the Bakery when we returned. “Are they gone finally?” We filled him in on the events of the dinner and this most recent addition. We finally told Karen about the gun, which she took alot better than we did, and Dan explained that he hadn’t invited them to dinner, they invited themselves. Dan walked out to Swett Ave as Karen and I continued cleaning up the Bakery and kitchen. From over by the dish room we hear Dan’s voice “DID YOU HEAR THAT?”

    “What ?”

    “SOMEBODY IS ON THE ROOF!” says Dan as he runs into the kitchen and beckons us into the dining hall.

    ” I don’t hear any…..”

    THUMP! THUMP! BUMP! THUMp Thump thump thup thip… the sounds faded off into the distance. It sounded like 2 or 3 people running around on the roof. We all walked towards Caswell, as we began to panic. There were drunk lobsterfishermen who we didn’t know roaming around the island, unsupervised. At least one of them had a gun, they were on the roof and all the fire exits were all unlocked, they could be in the hotel right now., They knew where we slept, they knew where the generators were, they knew where the phone was, they knew where we were. Oh joy.

    On the other hand, we didn’t know where they were, we didn’t know what they wanted, we didn’t know much. All of us stood there in the kitchen stressing. “LETS GO UP THERE AND KICK THEM OFF!” said Dan, brandishing his mini mag flashlight that he has with him at all times. “ok, ” I said as I snagged a nearby flashlight from the cute crew closet, “I’m game”. I assumed that we would be heading out to the roof but Dan turned and ran up the Caswell stairwell saying “Let me go change my pants”. This struck me as odd, here we were, about to run out onto the roof to kick some drunken idiots off of it before they do any damage and Dan is thinking about his appearances. Great. I have to admit I was a little ticked off at this and even got frustrated enough that I decided that I would at least check the hotel to make sure it was empty,. I headed off down the first floor of the hotel with a flashlight and a Jobcom walkie talkie. Dan returned to the kitchen dressed in full nightstalking attire equipped with marine radio, jobcom and pocket knife and we discussed, over the jobcom, what we should do. We then set up a code over the jobcom, One click meant no, two clicks meant yes and many clicks done quickly in a row meant “HELP! I’m being assaulted!” We never actually used that last one but it made for some great practical jokes for the rest of open up and full season.

    I found nothing on my round and returned to the kitchen. Dan pointed out that my going off alone like that put me in the role of the stupid guy who always gets killed first in all the slash horror movies because he wandered off alone. This did little to reassure my comfort but did start me thinking about the movie discussion I had with Captain John earlier. All three of us headed for the power house to turn off the power. Our logic for this action was this, we knew the island and they didn’t, we could find our way around in the dark if we had to, we were sober and they weren’t. It made sense, at least at that time. We hit the power and then proceeded down to Brookfield in a James Bond/Mission Impossible formation so as not to give away our location. We, of course, couldn’t use our flashlights because the enemy, I mean, the lobstermen would know where we were then. We couldn’t see them well from Brookfield and whats more, Brookfield was a backdrop that they could see silhouettes against so we had to move to a new location. Karen suggested the EMB because we could lock the doors and there were binoculars in there. This seemed reasonable so we snook in between Brookfield and the tennis courts and around Founders into the EMB.

    Karen and Dan observed the boat, while I watched. I realized that if DDP can pick up the JOBCOM on his marine radio, then that meant that the Jennifer Anne must have had a radio also and could have, theoretically, listened to our whole conversation earlier. Great, now they knew where we were and what we were doing, even our secret codes on the Jobcom. I also began to realize what a great story this was.. it was like a movie, like a Stephen King book… picture it… STEPHEN KING presents “ISLAND” a thrilling suspense book about three college aged kids trapped on a secluded island with several drunk and deranged Lobstermen. Now available on paperback and soon to be a hit Paramount movie starring Emilio Estevez, Tony Danza, Molly Ringwald and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Captain John.

    I guess I must have been bored because I began to think about what would make this situation even scarier… great things to think about when your stressing eh? Anyways, as I thought of things that would freak us out I mentioned them to Dan and Karen. Things that I thought of then were:

    “What would you do if you heard someone knock on the door of the EMB right now?”

    “What would you do if the front porch bell rang right now?”

    “What would you do if you heard them on the roof of the EMB?”

    “What would you do if the power went back on right now?”

    “What would you do if you heard Greensleeves being played on a Piano in the lobby?”

    “What would you do if you heard Greensleeves being played over the JOBCOM”

    “What would you do if they spoke over the JOBCOM and said “You can run but you can’t….”

    “MATT WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT!” I guess I was beginning to bother them, but I found it amusing, or at least reassuring that none of these things had happened,…yet.

    Anyways, I left Karen and Dan in the EMB and silently moved out to the Jungle gym so I could get a better look of the boat and also make sure that no one came down the pier or went into the hotel. As I waited in the jungle gym Dan called me over the JOBCOM: “Matt, tell me when you can see us”. he said, testing our vision in the darkness. “Ok, what direction are you coming from.?”

    “Thats for me to know and you to find out” Oh no, now I’m being stalked by my own people. I have to admit that I thought this little game was great and to this day I still want to play killer or flashlight tag on Star with the power out and using Jobcoms, but that is another story. What wasn’t funny is that I couldn’t see them until they were about ten feet away.

    We decided that since we had shown them where we sleep we should move to other, safer, rooms, and since we were all still freaked out, we decided to share a room on the first floor where we could look out a window and see the boat. Karen took the window seat, I took the far wall and we left Dan with the bed nearest the door; a position he was less than thrilled about. “Great, I get the one nearest the door, thats the one that the person always gets killed in in all the murder movies, thanks guys” I pointed out that actually it would be me since they always get the guy who wanders out on his own. Even with this reassuring logic neither Karen or I felt guilty enough to give up our safer locations.

    Karen kept a steady watch out the window with the binoculars and only moved when Dan or I scared her by clicking the JOBCOM that she had sitting right next to her ear. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK…

    “AHHHHH!! Cut it out guys!” Dan lay down, with boots, pocket knife and all accessories included on the bed and waited for the boat to leave. Karen tried to relax but kept sitting up to check if the boat was still there. I had just fallen asleep when I awoke to “THEIR LEAVING!” and then a burst of bright light filled the room. We had assumed before that they had all there lights on but now they turned on a huge spot light and shown it right into the hotel, lighting up the room completely, let alone to whole front lawn of the hotel. At first I thought they were looking around the island with the light for fun but it turns out they turned it on to navigate their way out of the harbor. They dropped lines and left. slowly, fading off into the distance. We stayed by the window watching them fade off towards Portsmouth We assumed all of them were on the boat but weren’t sure enough quite yet to relax completely. I realized that another great movie scene at this point would include them saying over the JOBCOM “Bye Guys, its been fun!”, but Karen and Dan seemed less than thrilled to hear this thought. I decided that it would be good to record all this before I forgot it.



    A few weeks after this Dan & I found a shutter flopping around on the dining room roof in the wind. Was this the source of the sounds we heard that night? Or were they on the roof? We will never know.

    Rumors have floated about since this occurrence, none of which I am sure who told me anymore. What I remember is the following;

    Someone, I think Karen & Tim Mercer ran into Mike at a concert. He had quit the Jennifer Anne after the accident. What accident? Oh, that night they had crashed the boat into a dock in Portsmouth or Kittery and everyone was pissed off at them because they were drunk and had damaged the boat and the dock.

    Rumor also has it that Captain John has since lost his Captain’s license and is working on loading docks now.

    However, another Rumor has it that the Jennifer Anne is still alive and well with the same crew and is waiting for another opportunity to innocently visit unsuspecting college aged workers when they least expect it.