Michael Anthony Groteke, 21 years ago today

It feels like just yesterday I posted wrote my annual post about Mike last year. I feel a little weird posting about this each year, since I’m all out of stories and anecdotes. It’s been 21 years since his death in a car accident on Dayton Yellow Springs road on February 8th, 1992. This is my one public ritual I do each year remembering him, though I wonder if perhaps I should move it to a less morbid date like his birthday, February 24. Maybe next year, though I doubt it since this is the day that I immediately associate with him.

Mike was such a fan of new technology, Apple Computer, and games, I often wonder what he’d be doing now and how he’d be interacting with all the current technology trends etc.  I also wonder how he would have reacted to Antioch closing and about the strange way the ‘revival’ played out. He certainly had mixed feelings (love/hate) regarding Antioch (as do I, I guess)

So here’s my annual tip of my hat to my lost friend. I still miss you Mike.

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