Matt’s April Fools Day Radio Show & Mix CD offer

2 weeks ago I hosted the Saturday Morning Coffee House at Community Radio WERU 89.9 FM Blue Hill, ME. This was coincedentally also April 1st, and I am a silly person who has way too many funny songs in his MP3/CD collection. In fact my first radio show on WYSO 91.3 FM Yellow Springs, Ohio back in 1988 was from 2AM – 6AM on Friday mornings and was all humor (titled Entropy) (Back in the days where they let students have shows) and thus this was my chance to wear that ol’ silly hat again and the theme for the coffee house became humor. I did 4 hours of silly songs from 6 AM – 10 AM. The ‘playlist’, or at least what I planned to play, is listed below. I took requests and ran into some time restrictions so this isn’t a perfect match to what actually went on the air, but it’s close enough.

The reason I’m posting this? I’ll send copies of these 4 cds, or perhaps a slightly edited remix of my favorites (or maybe 1 CD of MP3’s if you can grok that), to friends who agree to send me some mixes in return. I did this a while back with some shanties and ‘Antioch Mixes’ got some weird/fun stuff in return, so here’s take 2. This is a limited offer, ideally to folks I know or friends of friends who ask nicely, since I am basically offering to send mix CDs of copyrighted material and blah de blah de blah blah ‘oh and buy the CDs from these artists if you like their music’ legal schmegal RIAA whatever disclaimer. Having said that, feel free to ask. Also, I’m not making fancy jewel cases for these either, sorry, this is just a brute force cd copy offer. You get what you pay for 🙂

NOTE – As of right now I am only hotlinking to a few of these artists, I will try to add more links over time. Feel free to ask any questions, or heck make suggestions for a future show.


Song Title Time Album
One Piece At A Time 4:01 Johnny Cash The Man In Black: His Greatest
Rusty Chevrolet.mp3 2:38 Da Yoopers Dr. Demento
Urban Assault Vehicle 1:34 Cosy Sheridan Anthymn
Dead Skunk 3:09 Loudon Wainwright III Album III
Massachusetts 4:24 Greg Greenway Laugh Tracks Vol.1
Directions 2:20 Mike Cross Creme De La Cross – The Best Of The Funny Stuff
Roadfood 2:51 Cosy Sheridan Saturn Return
Junk Food Junkie (Larry Groce) 3:05 Larry Groce Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
Potato Chips 2:37 Jamie Anderson Listen
Potato 2:13 Cheryl Wheeler Laugh Tracks Vol.1
Does Your Chewing Gun Lose Its Flavor 2:32 Lonnie Donegan Rock Island Line
Meatloaf 5:39 David Roth If You Can’t Fly
Hot Dog Heaven 4:06 Alien Folklife Double Vision
Food 3:53 Deirdre Flint Then Again
Spam Song 0:31 Monty Python Monty Python Sings
City Boy 1:49 David Teller Love Songs From Ground Zero
Ode To New Jersey 3:33 Woods Tea Co. This Side Of The Sea
Hopelessly Midwestern 3:39 Joel Mabus Firelake
Cliche Song 7:11 Jay Mankita Dogs Are Watching Us
Foolish Questions 3:55 Wood’s Tea Co. The Wood’s Tea Co. Live Collector’s Edition
Levi Blues 1:45 David Wilcox East Asheville Hardware
Duct Tape Blues (With Intro) 5:56 Joel Mabus In Concert
The Guy Who Changes The Light Bulbs (Waffle House Song) 3:50 Carla Ulbrich Professional Smart Aleck
I’m Dyslexic 3:33 Camille West Mother Tongue
They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! (Napoleon XIV) 2:10 Napoleon XIV Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
Root Canal Of The Heart 3:16 Camille West Mother Tongue
Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind 3:06 Christine Lavin Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind
Don’t Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name 2:23 Christine Lavin Future Fossils
My Old Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend 3:18 Deirdre Flint Then Again
What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone 2:04 Carla Ulbrich Her Fabulous Debut
Jenny of 100 Dates 6:50 Deirdre Flint Then Again
1-900-Score A Date 5:00 Deirdre Flint Then Again
Viagra in the Water 5:50 Camille West ~Unknown Album
Arnold 3:15 Les Barker Artists Sampler
The Folk Song Army 2:11 Tom Lehrer That Was The Year That Was
The Modern Folk Musician 2:21 Mike Agranoff The Modern Folk Musician
A Folksinger Earns Every Dime 4:21 David Buskin & Co. Big Times In A Small Town – The Vineyard Tapes
Lumberjack Song 2:28 Monty Python The Final Rip Off (Disc 1)
Bulbous_Bouffant 3:55 Radio Free Vestibule Dr. Demento
Bad Hair Song 4:23 Jamie Anderson Bad Hair Day
Top of My Head 2:23 David Wilcox East Asheville Hardware
I Am My Dad 2:34 Electric Bonsai Band Big Times In A Small Town – The Vineyard Tapes
The Elements 1:21 Tom Lehrer ~Unknown Album
The Human Race 2:21 The Frantics Frantic Time
The Diaper Song 2:15 Electric Bonsai Band Primal Urges – A Collection – Disc 1
The Boob Fairy 3:16 Deirdre Flint The Shuffleboard Queens
Boob Job 1:15 David Wilcox East Asheville Hardware
Boob on Our TV 2:30 John McCutcheon Demos
T.V. 1:39 Cheryl Wheeler Mrs. Pinocci’s Guitar
Bluegrass Banjo routine 2:33 Steve Martin ~Unknown Album
Banjo Jokes 2:19 Dry Branch Fire Squad Live! At Last
When Cats Take Over The World 3:37 Jamie Anderson Never Assume
Thomas Cat 3:21 Alien Folklife Double Vision
Cows With Guns 5:20 Dana Lyons Dr. Demento
If I Were A Moose 4:02 Fred Small I Will Stand Fast
Moose Turd Pie 5:20 U Utah Phillips Dr. Demento 25th Anniversary Collection
Intro: Hot Frogs on the Loose 4:14 Fred Small Everything Possible
Hot Frogs on the Loose 3:09 Fred Small Everything Possible
Mississippi Squirrel Revival 3:41 Ray Stevens Dr. Demento
Invitation To A Funeral/Temperance Reel/Vinton’s Hornpipe 5:20 Mike Agranoff The Modern Folk Musician
Killed By A Coconut 5:26 Bob Gibson Makin’ A Mess: Bob Gibson Sings Shel Silverstein
Still Gonna Die 3:21 Bob Gibson Makin’ A Mess: Bob Gibson Sings Shel Silverstein
The Preacher & The Flood 4:38 Joel Mabus Short Stories
The Lord’ll Provide 2:43 Mike Cross Creme De La Cross – The Best Of The Funny Stuff
Granny’s Milk Cartons 2:54 Mike Cross Creme De La Cross – The Best Of The Funny Stuff
I’m My Own Grandpa 2:14 Dr. Demento Dr. Demento
The Ballad Of Irving (Frank Gallop) 3:27 Frank Gallop Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection
Disney Protest Song (It’s the Third World After All) 1:59 David Teller Subway Serenade
Uncivil Rights 3:03 Adam Brodsky Hookers, Hicks & Heebs
I Bet You They Won’t Play This Song On The Radio 0:55 Monty Python The Final Rip Off (Disc 2)

2 thoughts on “Matt’s April Fools Day Radio Show & Mix CD offer”

  1. OK, it’s been long enough for me to get my act together! I have an alternate suggestion for a music exchange: I will send you copies of some stuff I have that I think you might be interested in if you will return the favor. I actually have some ideas of what I might like to get, if I can suggest this without being too forward… I remember from days of yore that you said that you had a collection of dirty sea chanties. Now, I’m not expecting this to mystically appear, since even at that point, you said that you didn’t know where the tape (remember those?) was, but that’s the kind of thing I’m after. Obscure, odd and probably not fit to be played in front of those with delicate sensibilities! Got anything good?

    I have three CD’s by a band called Devotchka, whose viral music worm I am attempting to spread to all and sundry! They are not particularly folky, but they have a very strong international sound. They are actually very difficult to describe, but that’s part of the reason I like them! Let me give you the line-up: One Drummer, who also plays the trumpet. One violin/fiddle, who also plays the accordion and does the occassional rythym back-up. The bass line is provided by a lovely lady who plays tuba, although she uses an upright bass sometimes as well. The singer plays guitar, some sort of guitar variant that I can’t identify (a bit like a balalaika), and the therimin. Some of the lyrics are in french, some are possibly in spanish, but most of them are in english. they have a website with samples if you are curious. They also, as an added bonus, encourage this sort of spreading of thier music! So, whaddya say?

  2. Hey Matt —

    Thanks for including my songs on your funny song mix. I love it when my songs get shared this way.

    Hacking up a hairball just for you —


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