Halloween dinner 2008

Ever have one of those ‘I think I might be living in a sitcom’ moments?


  • We have 2 bowls of candy and it’s crazy trying to keep Owen and Marshall out of them so I hide one in oven when they aren’t looking.
  • Owen is home from school and wants to ‘sort’ the candy we are giving out.
  • He’s tired and eventually falls asleep in our bed.
  • Matt’s not home when he said he would be (surprise) but that’s ok, I’ll let Owen nap more.
  • 5:20 PM – Matt gets home (finally) and I go to wake Owen up while Matt watches Marshall and starts making dinner. Owen, as per usual, does NOT wake up well and 15 minutes of de-grumpify-ing negotiations begins.


  • Drive home sucked. Home about 40 minutes later than planned, traffic on water street backed up for a long way and moving at a snails pace because of parade (and idiotic Ellsworth traffic patterns that favor businesses and tourists over residents). It’s also the 2 year anniversary of the night I killed our Saturn in an accident so I’m extra on-edge… no more accidents.. especially on Halloween.
  • I’m in charge of dinner tonight so I enter the house in a rush.
  • Em mentions Owen is asleep upstairs and goes to wake him.
  • Double check that we are still doing dinner BEFORE trick-or-treating and then begin.
  • Luckily it’s a simple dinner tonight, frozen pizzas.
  • Get pizzas
  • Unbox. .
  • Find baking pan
  • Pre-heat to 425
  • Set table places
  • Cook the french bread cheese pizzas in microwave for 2 minutes first
  • Put all pizzas on baking pan… they barely all fit but it works..sweet.
  • Ahh… pre-heating done, check that Marshall is far away from kitchen area and with one hand on baking pan, open oven with other hand.
  • Start putting baking pan in oven and notice big metal bowl is in there… that’s strange.. what was Emily cooking ?? Wait.. it’s another candy bowl? In the OVEN???
  • Scream ‘AIGH!! EMILLLLLLY!!!’
  • Emily yells down ‘SORRY!’.
  • First instinct – Grab the bowl with my free hand to get it out of there ASAP
  • Ouch! Bowl is metal and has been pre-heated to 425 degrees. %&$#@!

Luckily, we had 2 bowls of candy and we only get a few kids so we’re ok. Also luckily the worst that happened is some candy bars got a little mushy and the plastic ‘Brach’s’ candy corner bag that was on the top has shrunk wrap itself sealed. A few more minutes and we would have had a chocolate & plastic stew.

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