Flashback to way old song parodies about Antioch

AIM IM with Hope Anne Nathan:
3:23 PM
Hope Anne Nathan: I’m at Antioch. I need those lyrics again, because I can’t get the phrase “a guitar, a bong, a fake ID and fifteen thousand bucks” out of my brain
3:35 PM
Matthew Baya: er.. I dont know if I actually have them anywhere.. I’ll have to scour my guitar case
Matthew Baya: or jog my memory.. lets see
3:40 PM
Matthew Baya:

(To the tune of ‘House of The Rising Sun’)

“There is a college called antioch,
that I’ve been to for several years,
but if they raise the tuition again,
I’m getting out of here”

“My mother warned me against it,
she said go to a normal school,
but I told her Antioch was where I wanted to be,
now I wonder if I was a fool”

“The only thing a student needs is a suitcase and a trunk,
a guitar, a bong and a fake ID,
and 15,000 bucks”

… the last verse I cant remember but the punch line was evergreen
Matthew Baya: ah I got it
Matthew Baya:

I got one eye on goddard,
and the other on evergreen, ….

Matthew Baya: the rest I dont remember, but it was just fluff… I only sang that once and everyone in the room sang out ‘evergreen’ as if they knew it
Matthew Baya: My “favorite” antioch song I never performed… “All I want is a spoon”. Composed by all those times in the caf when they felt the meal didn’t warrant a spoon.. never wrote down the lyrics either so it’s gone
Matthew Baya: went something like

‘All I want is a spoon,
to make my meal complete,
all i want is just one damn spoon,
I dont care what there is to eat,
take my knife and take my fork, hell you can even take my seat,
but Carmen all I want is one damn spoon to make this meal complete”
3:45 PM
Matthew Baya: thus ends the ‘more than you need to know’ response.

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