I’m a proud founder and manager of Svaha LLC, a web hosting, design, consulting geek collective business created in 1995 in Yellow Springs, OH. Today we’ve got folks in a number of states with a wide array of skills. We deftly avoided getting rich and famous during the dot com boom but as a result breezed through the dot com crash without a worry :). We’ve been steadily adding web hosting and design clients all along and any day now we’re gonna hit that ‘hundredth monkey’ moment and take off! In case you’re curious, Svaha is a native american word (not sure which tribe) that means ‘The time between when you see the lightning and hear the thunder’. Want to know more?

Other Aliases, associations & buzzwords (some with links) for those with search engines that might be looking for me or some place &/or someone else associated with me: Antioch College & Yellow Springs, OH (1987-1997),MOOnshadow, TBC, DASBS, YRUU Conferences (metro district 1982-88), Powell House, Star Island Pelican (’88-’91), Rowe Camp (’86), Emily L. Hayden Baya, Harry Baya, Paul Baya, Hastings-On-Hudson (’70-’87), UUA, ByVideo, Inc.(RIP), The Jackson Laboratory (1997 – 2011) WERU 89.9 Blue Hill (1998 – 2011), and Williams College (2011 – )

My LinkedIn Profile : http://www.linkedin.com/in/mattbaya

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    * AIM: mattbaya (I use AIM usually, the others only every now and then)
    * Yahoo: mattbaya
    * Google: mattbaya
    * Twitter: mattbaya
    (sense a trend?)
    * ICQ: 11139866

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